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Cosentino Moraware Bridge

Syncs Lowe’s Jobs in Systemize & Cosentino Job Tracker

We’ve Built a Bridge Connecting Cosentino Job Tracker and Moraware Systemize for Lowe’s Independent Countertop Installers.


What It Does

  • Syncs Data Between Lowe’s Job Tracker and Systemize
  • Automatically Sends Moraware Data to Lowe’s platform
  • Pulls in PO data to create new jobs or update existing jobs
  • Keeps the administrator aware of updates
  • Syncs Notes, Activities, & Dates
  • Pulls Lowe’s/Cosentino jobs directly into the Moraware CRM
  • Provides real-time follow-up information and status updates

The integration makes working with Lowe’s so efficient, you will be able to use your employees for more important and value-added tasks in your company.

countertop software for lowes partners

All the benefits of being a Lowe’s installation partner.
Minimal extra work.

If you’re doing installs for Lowe’s and using Moraware Systemize, you’re probably dedicating resources to redundant data entry. In addition to eating up staff bandwidth, this scenario increases the potential for mistakes and data errors. We built our Cosentino-Moraware Bridge integration because there’s a better way made possible by automation.

This software add-on eliminates unnecessary phone calls, incomplete information, and missed opportunities without changing your workflows.

How It Works

Why automate?

At DataBridge, we’re all about growing profits for fabricators by eliminating unnecessary work, improving efficiency, and preventing mistakes. We do that by building bridges between the countertop software platforms fabricators use every day and making them talk to one another. It’s simple but so powerful.

Lowe’s Rewards Great Service Providers 

The goal behind this retail partnership integration is to get countertop fabricators the maximum value out of their relationships with Lowe’s. One opportunity to do so is to apply to be a regional fabricator – a provider of choice.

Making the connection between Systemize and Job Tracker will make you a better partner for Lowe’s. Those with software in place to deliver better service have an advantage over installers who don’t. Our Cosentino Moraware Bridge ensures that your shop is on the same page with Lowe’s in real-time, every step of the way.