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Sync Moraware & Home Depot Jobs

Streamline Your Home Depot Jobs

If you’re doing installs for Home Depot and using Moraware Systemize, you’re likely dedicating resources to redundant data entry. To get Home Depot’s POs into Systemize, someone has to add them manually, then notify the administrator any time there’s an update. With the JT/IConX integration, there’s a better way — Automation. Eliminate unnecessary phone calls, incomplete information, and missed opportunities with a single integration.

If you take part in HD’s SF&I program, we can pull purchase orders and leads into Moraware and send your updates back to Home Depot.

Sync Data Between Home Depot’s IConX and Systemize

  • Automatically Sync Moraware with Home Depot’s platform
  • Pull in PO data to create new jobs or update existing jobs
  • Automatically attach required Home Depot documents to the appropriate Systemize jobs
  • Keep the administrator aware of updates
  • Report homeowner scheduling to Home Depot
  • Sync Notes & Activities

More Benefits if you Receive Leads from Home Depot

  • Pull Home Depot leads directly into the Moraware CRM
  • Provide real-time follow-up information and status updates
  • When leads convert, automatically push updated info to Home Depot
The integration makes working with Home Depot so efficient, you will be able to use your data entry clerks for other, more important tasks in your company.

A Better Customer Experience

When you fill orders from Home Depot, the customer should perceive your installation company as an extension of The Home Depot. By building a bridge between IConX and Moraware, you streamline your Home Depot projects, eliminating data errors, delays, and incomplete information. JT/IConX ensures that your shop is on the same page with Home Depot in real-time, every step of the way.

About the Home Depot SF&I Program

If this is your first time hearing about Home Depot’s SF&I program, you’ll find more information here. Building a relationship with The Home Depot can bring many benefits; it’s no wonder that so many independent stone fabrication shops participate in their Service Provider network.

Home Depot fabricators have access to:
  • Quick Payment
  • Expert in-store customer service
  • Flexible financing options at no cost to providers
  • Mobile scheduling and payment apps
  • Real-time jobs and purchase orders
  • Ultra-qualified leads
The only drawback is the inefficiency of running your business through both Moraware and IConX, Home Depot’s platform. Our JT/IConX integration makes that a non-issue!


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