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What We Do

Business Process Improvement

Systems Integration for Countertop Fabricators

Have you been using the same workflows in your fabrication business from the start? As your business grows, your data expands, and the value of moving away from manually entering and managing data grows exponentially. DataBridge Integrations can help you engineer efficiency into your business and eliminate the pain that comes with growth. If you’ve grown significantly since your current processes were implemented, you should be thinking about operational efficiency

Streamline. Bypass. Automate.

While Business Process Improvement can be a huge undertaking, our software solutions make it easy for those in the stone fabrication business. The key to our specialized integrations is centralizing your business inside Moraware for optimal efficiency while automating non-value-added tasks and improving effectiveness. Our integrations empower Systemize to “talk to” your other software solutions, including SlabSmith and Home Depot’s IconX.

Systems Integration 101

 Way back in 2002, IBM did a deep dive into the ROI of IT integration. For us, this business case for integration is essential reading and can deliver value to any business owner who reads it.

  • Improved Data Accuracy
  • Increased Productivity
  • Software Flexibility
  • Speedier Decision-Making
  • KPI Reporting Dashboards
  • Single Sign-On

 Integrating with Moraware Systemize & JobTracker

 The Moraware/Slabsmith Integration Platform (JSIP):

  • Automatically syncs Slabsmith & Moraware
  • Simplifies Data Entry
  • Reduces Data-Entry Costs
  • Expedites Information Delivery
  • Improves Accuracy
  • Eliminates Redundancies
  • Streamlines Remnant Creation & Tracking
  • Allows Comparison of Order and Actual Dimensions

 The DataBridge JT/IConX Integration (JT/IConX) allows you to:

  • Create or update IConX jobs in Systemize
  • Add PO information to a custom job in Systemize
  • Upload template and installation dates and special notes to IConX
  • Upload lien waivers and documentation to IConX
  • Download and manage Sales Leads from IConX

Want to integrate these or other business systems?